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Character profile

Character profile Villain – tall, slim well dressed. Grumpy, moody, cruel towards his butler. Not a very good villain. Never succeeds.
Butler – a robot, super villain built years ago. Happy, timid around the villain, keen to help, kind, gentle.
Candidate 1 – Burger Man. Large man, burger cap, carries ketchup guns and milkshake in a tool belt. Never speaks. Always has a burger in his hand, pays little attention to what is going on around him. Candidate 2 – name??? skinny, clumsy, excitable, moves quickly. Outfit is homemade but badly done. Too short in the leg, poorly sewn. Believes he has a death stare but people actually just think he is odd and so walk away.
Candidate 3 – name?? young street smart boy thinking he is a gangster but still has to be home when his mum says so. Would take anyone on…except his mum! Wears a hoody and a scarf, trainers. Confident. Has tantrums – throws himself on the floor kicking and screaming – childish. Makes people run away from him.

Character Design script Plan Outline

Outline plan:- Super villain is hiring for new position as side-kick, as usual side-kick is going on holiday.  Current side-kick “I need a break, I’ve booked a holiday” Villain “but we’ve a got job coming up, what side -kick takes annual leave? Side-kick leaves, suitcase in hand, dressed in shorts and Hawaiian shirt but still with mask on Villain storms past butler making him spin round, and shouts “find me an apprentice” Candidates are awful villains – clumsy, useless powers, no common sense, Candidate 1 – fast food guy – super-power, ketchup guns, large man burger in hand all the time, milkshake in a tool belt. sauce stain down his front, cap is a burger. Does not speak Candidate 2 – superpower – death stare, that does not actually work, excited, very skinny, clumsy – drops things, falls over, moves too fast, creased homemade outfit, too short in the leg, badly sewn. Candidate 3 – child, hoody. street – smart, wanna be gangster. Super-power tantum – throws himself on the floor k…

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