Zombie Vehicle description (Parts List)

Earth has been hit by an zombie apocalypse and you must get the ultimate zombie vehicle. this vehicle with keep you safe in any scenario and get you out of sticky situations for example if attacked by zombies or a rival gang this vehicle is equipped with reinforced, bulletproof materials. if you are  a long journey and need to take a rest this vehicle will watch your back while you sleep and weve all been there when you’re dying of dehydration and left your decontaminated water at home this vehicle will not only clean your water but will hold enough to last a week. based on a spider like concept the vehicle will keep you suspended in air, from six hydraulic legs to keep you away from the dangers on the ground. When out having as many eyes as possible watching your back will aid your chances of survival when scavenging this vehicle can seat up to eight of your close friends. you would think this vehicle would be loud but you are wrong fitted with a silent dampener system on each leg a…

Dynamics part 4: Directional Emitters


Zombie apocalypse design ideas

Zombie vehicle shape design

lava vehicle design ideas

Lava Vehicle shape design

Part 5 & 7 Depth of Field/Atmosphere

Part 5 Depth of Field

Part 7 Atmosphere

Dynamics Part 1: Sketching particles